I’ve had a fabulous time working with the Vonnegut Collective on overcast. This was a commission from Kinetic (funded by Arts Council England) to create music to be experienced in a small space. You can read about my ideas in this interview: https://www.kineticmanchester.co.uk/nina-whiteman-interview

I really enjoyed writing a piece that was designed to be memorised so that performers could move, play in the dark, and have creative involvement in how the sounds unfold. This is something I’d very much like to explore again, along with use of lighting and strange string preparations! Thanks so much to everyone involved!

(Vonnegut Collective in rehearsal at Takk in Hatch, Manchester)

I’m now working on a piece for organ and electronics for Lauren Redhead and Alistair Zaldua, and this research is funded by Goldsmiths, University of London. The collaboration involves a number of exploratory sessions, which we have been filming to document the process. More on this to follow, along with performance dates!

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